• Community Leadership Academy

  • “By investing in our workforce and our infrastructure today, we can build a strong foundation to support tomorrow’s progress” - Author Unknown


    The need has never been stronger for new, dynamic leaders in our community than it is today! If our region is to continue to succeed, we need to promote leadership, bringing forth and implementing new ideas and technology.  The mission of the Community Leadership Academy of the Chamber is to provide education in order to foster responsible, volunteer, leadership positions in our community.  

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    Just as our emerging leaders, members and community are ever-changing and growing, so is the Community Leadership Academy (CLA). The Macomb Area Chamber of Commerce is currently working to produce a completely modern and fresh approach to the academy that remains relevant, engaging and inspiring. CLA will resume in 2018 with a brand new program to help ensure that strong, talented individuals lead the way for years to come.  



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    The Macomb Area Chamber of Commerce will continue in 2018. Please check our website for further updates and information. 



    Enrollment for the Community Leadership Academy will begin again in 2018.