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🌽 Capture the Charm of Macomb, Illinois in Your Pocket! 🌾

Relive the nostalgia of the heartland with our Macomb keychain! Crafted from durable acrylic, this keychain measures 1.75" x 2.75", boasting a sturdy 1/4" thickness that ensures both resilience and a lightweight feel.

Featuring a picturesque depiction of golden cornfields against the backdrop of endless blue skies, this keychain encapsulates the quintessential essence of Macomb. Whether you're a current resident or once called this charming town home, carry a piece of its beauty wherever you go.


  • Iconic Imagery: The design captures the essence of Macomb, depicting lush cornfields swaying under clear blue skies, a nostalgic symbol of the heartland's beauty.
  • Durable Acrylic Construction: Crafted from high-quality acrylic, ensuring longevity and resilience to withstand everyday use.
  • Compact Size: Measuring at 1.75" x 2.75", it's perfectly sized to fit in your pocket or attach to your keys, offering convenience without sacrificing style.
  • Included Split Ring: Comes with a 1" split ring for easy attachment to your keychain or bag.

Where to Purchase:

Online Purchase:

  • Online Store: Grab your Macomb-inspired keychain conveniently online at our Square store.
    • Note: Online purchases are subject to a processing fee and applicable shipping charges. Shipping available anywhere in the US.

Price: $10 each ($11 when purchased with a credit card)

Whether you're a proud Macomb local or someone who cherishes fond memories of this idyllic town, this keychain serves as a delightful keepsake or a thoughtful gift. Let the sight of cornfields and endless skies evoke nostalgia and warmth every time you reach for your keys.

Grab your Macomb keychain today and carry the spirit of the heartland wherever you roam!


📬 Send a Piece of Macomb's Charm with Our Postcard Collection! 🌟

Embrace the beauty and history of Macomb, Illinois with our stunning collection of postcards, each capturing a unique essence of this enchanting town. From iconic landmarks to seasonal delights, these postcards are a delightful way to share the allure of Macomb with friends and family, near and far.

Available Designs:

  1. McDonough County Courthouse: A timeless portrayal of the architectural marvel that stands proudly in the heart of Macomb.
  2. Greetings from Macomb: A burst of vivid red and yellow brings the spirit of Macomb to life in this eye-catching design.
  3. Flags of Love in Chandler Park: Celebrate community and unity with this vibrant depiction of Chandler Park's colorful display.
  4. Holiday Gazebo in Chandler Park: Experience the magic of the season with a snowy scene of the iconic Chandler Park gazebo adorned in holiday splendor.
  5. The Old Maid-Rite Building: Nostalgia abounds in this depiction of a beloved historical landmark in Macomb.


  • Each postcard exudes the unique character and essence of Macomb, capturing its landmarks and seasonal beauty.
  • High-quality printing ensures vibrant colors and detailed imagery.
  • Perfect for sending warm wishes, sharing memories, or as collectible keepsakes.

Where to Purchase:

  • Macomb Area Chamber of Commerce Office: Visit us at 214 N. Lafayette St. Macomb, IL 61455.
  • Online Purchase: Find these postcards conveniently online through Square.
    • Note: Online payments via credit card are subject to a processing fee, and shipping charges apply for online orders.

Price: $1 per postcard ($2 per postcard when purchased online)

Whether you're a Macomb local looking to share hometown pride or a visitor eager to spread the charm of this delightful town, our postcards offer a glimpse into the beauty and spirit of Macomb.

Grab your favorite designs today and share a piece of Macomb's magic with those you cherish! 💌

Blue Gray Side by Side PNG
Gift Certificate Gift Card (1)
Thank You Card
Happy Birthday Card 1
Happy Birthday Card 2
Happy Birthday Card 3
Happy Birthday Card 4
Happy Birthday Card 5
Graduation Card

Greeting and Holiday Cards

Celebrate the joy of giving with our delightful collection of greeting and holiday cards! Whether you're sending a Chamber Gift Certificate, a charming keychain, or vibrant postcards, adding a personal touch with a thoughtful card enhances the magic of your gift.

Our assortment of cards spans from heartwarming seasonal greetings to customizable messages, ensuring there's a perfect match for every occasion. From birthdays to holidays, anniversaries to congratulations, our selection covers it all. Each card is crafted with care, featuring exquisite designs..

For just $1 per card, you can express your sentiments in a way that resonates uniquely with your recipient.

Make your gift even more special by including a personalized card, a small gesture that speaks volumes. Because sometimes, a few heartfelt words on paper can make all the difference in creating a lasting memory.

Teacher Card 1
Teacher Card  2
Teacher Card 3
Anniversary Card
Holly Jolly GC Card
Merry Christmas GC Card
Season of Giving GC Card
Peace Love GC Card
Ho Ho Holiday GC Card
Happy Holidays GC Card