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2024 Board of Directors

The Chamber’s Board of Directors consists of 15 members, each serving a three year term. Nominees are recommended by the Board’s Nominating Committee and elected by the Board of Directors. Nominees are chosen based on their involvement in the Chamber with an emphasis on ensuring a broad representation of businesses in the area to ensure diversity and a voice for businesses of all types and sizes.

John Meixner Board Portrait
Ketra Roselieb Board Portrait

Ketra Roselieb

Vice Chair

Western Illinois University

Brentney Hickenbottom Portrait   490.2107

Brentney Hickenbottom


MidAmerica National Bank

Kelly Hamm Board Portrait

Kelly Hamm


McDonough Power Cooperative

Patrick Osterman Board Portrait

Patrick Osterman

Past Chair

McDonough District Hospital

Mike Woodrum Board Portrait

Mike Woodrum

Woodrum Automotive