Macomb Business Academy (MBA) 

    ...a new approach to gaining knowledge and information



    “By investing in our workforce and our infrastructure today, we can build a strong foundation to support tomorrow’s progress” - Author Unknown


    For over 30 years, the Macomb Area Chamber of Commerce has offered the highly successful Community Leadership Academy (CLA). As times have changed, we have found that members are looking for a different level of infromation and, in particular, a different way of receiving that information. After much research and discussion, we have transformed CLA into the the Macomb Business Academy, or MBA.


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    Macomb Business Academy (MBA) is a program designed to develop leadership potential within the community to meet the demands of tomorrow. MBA identifies emerging leaders within the Macomb area and provides a broad view of civic leadership through direct contact with the leaders and institutions shaping the community. The program runs from September through November with weekly, two-hour sessions. Participants will expand their knowledge and contacts within their community.

    Each week MBA will meet from 8-10 a.m. and will hear from a different speaker(s) each week (see the schedule below for more information). Participants will explore "Strengths Based Leadership," while further developing their leadership skills and building connections.

  • Sessions for 2020

    September 3 - November 19

    • Introduction and Team Development
    • Economic Development
    • Local & Area Government
    • Not For Profit & Service Organizations
    • Health Care
    • Agriculture in our Community
    • Local Safety & Crisis Response
    • Manufacturing in our Community
    • Education
    • Shop Local
    • Transportation
    • Creating an Inclusive Community

    Click here to view the 2019 Macomb Business Academy brochure. Check back soon for the 2020 brochure.


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