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    Chamber Donation

    Want to support your Macomb Area Chamber of Commerce? Make a donation to help us support the community.
    From $5.00

    Chamber Gift Certificate

    Chamber Gift Certificates make a great gift and are also a safe way to send students and family money to spend in Macomb. There is a 3% fee on gift certificates if you pay with credit or debit card.
    From $10.30

    Macomb Keychain

    Wherever you roam, carry a piece of Macomb!!
    From $2.00

    Set of 6 Macomb Postcard Pack

    Get all 6 Macomb Postcards for a discounted price of $5! To pay with check or cash, please call (309) 837-4855 or visit the Macomb Area Chamber of Commerce.

    Shop Macomb Banner

    Help #keepitinmacomb with a Shop Macomb banner.
    From $50.00

    Shop Macomb Floor Decal

    Show your #keepitinmacomb pride with this adorable floor decal.

    Shop Macomb Kraft Bags

    These adorable kraft bags will bring a smile to your customers faces. The bags highlight numerous Macomb events, locations, and sayings.
    From $85.00

    Shop Macomb Snap Poster

    This compact high quality poster hangs off of suction cups, allowing you to display your #keepitinmacomb pride on any glass door, window, or mirror!