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    Custom Farming and Agriculture Consulting
    We are a family of 5th generation farmers using our knowledge & experience from cannabis to cultivate high quality CBD in rural Illinois.
    We are committed to producing a safe, consistent and compliant product on land we cherish and intend to use for generations to come.
    We are proud to farm using sustainable and organic practices.
    We are Stoney Branch Ag Ventures and we are focused on becoming leaders in industrial hemp.
    The hemp market is ever-growing and has the potential to change our world.
    While our main focus is our farm, we do offer the following services to help you navigate this new and exciting industry.
    Consulting: We offer phone/email consulting, as well as farm visits and tours of our farm to help you succeed. Inquire for a list of services and pricing.
    Custom Farming: Interested in trying hemp for yourself but not interested in the initial equipment investment? We can help you plant and harvest your crop.
    Clone/Seedling Sales: We are working with genetic suppliers to offer a variety of clones and seedlings out of our greenhouses for the 2020 planting season. We will have more information available soon.
    We have partnered with Western Illinois University to study hemp in Illinois this 2019 growing season. We will study a variety of genetics and how they respond to Illinois growing conditions and soil types.


    Retail Quality Control Specialist
    Category: Agricultural, Forestry & Fishing
    Job Description General Job Information: + 40 hours per week + $11 starting pay with great potential for growth and raises + Ability to lift 50 pounds minimum + Willingness/physical capability (within reasonable accommodations) to work outdoors in the elements during outdoor grow seasons Duties include but are not limited to: +Processing craft hemp flower - hand trimming and quality ...read more
    Contact: Mariel Robert
    Phone:(785) 231-0357