• Procurement Officer Specialist

    Posted: 07/03/2019

    The Procurement Officer Specialist position will in large part administer complex hardware and software contracts in addition to: small and large construction, utilities, bandwidth, pharmaceuticals, natural gas supply, pipefitters, electricians, data reporting & analysis software, elevator maintenance, and campus food services. Lead worker in the administration of complex hardware and software contracts that involve: Review of Terms and Conditions/Contract, analysis of fees, obtaining the appropriate approvals, and monitoring for IT Governance Pre-Approval. Lead worker in managing large and small construction projects in accordance with Illinois laws and University policies. Serves as primary liaison with contractors, bond companies, and university personnel concerning most construction contracts. Administers the contracts and prepares addendums when required. Lead worker in preparing Requests for Proposal for highly complex purchases (Bandwidth, Pharmaceuticals, Natural Gas Supply, Pipefitters, Electricians, Data Reporting and Analysis Software, Learning Management System, Sodexo food services, Software/hardware, Elevator Maintenance, etc.) in addition to the evaluation of bids/proposals, the recommendation/approval of contract awards, and submitting Memorandums of Approval (MOA for proper administrative signatures for procurements of $250,000 and above. Provides the accounts payable function for orders placed by this position. This includes obtaining invoices, “okays to pay” from departments, auditing the invoice and processing the payment of the invoice. This function is accomplished within the FRS+ Purchasing system. Compiles information, writes reports and develops spreadsheets for analysis (complex bid analysis, sustainable purchasing, major purchasing projects, etc.) Provides follow-up on orders placed by this position; includes expediting the order to ensure meeting delivery deadlines.

    Education: High School Diploma,Associates Degree,Bachelors Degree