• Media Writer/Producer/Announcer

    Posted: 11/19/2020

    Employees in positions allocated to this level of the series perform regular, day-to-day announcing and production duties for a radio/television/online operation. They work under general supervision of higher-level personnel.
    ?A(n) Media Writer/Producer/Announcer I typically -

    1. researches subjects for possible on-air or online content development within logistic and financial constraints.
    2. writes scripts for content and promotional announcements.
    3. conducts interviews and records other program elements (such as speeches, live music, and other news events).
    4. produces, directs, edits, and assembles written or audio/video content in final form for local use syndication or online use.
    5. performs on-air duties as required.
    6. trains and supervises employees as assigned.
    7. performs other related duties as assigned.
    Required Qualifications:

    Any one or any combination totaling three (3) years (36 months) of the following types of preparation:

    1. progressively more responsible work experience in the production and presentation of radio or television programs, social media, and/or print or online journalism
    2. vocational training in radio and/or television production, journalism, social media, news or feature writing and/or announcing or closely related fields
    3. college course work in radio/television, journalism, social media, news or feature writing or closely related fields
      • 60 semester hours equals one (1) year (12 months)
      • 75 semester hours equals one (1) year and six (6) months (18 months)
      • 90-semester hours equals two (2) years (24 months)
      • 120 semester hours or a Bachelor’s degree equals three (3) years (36 months)
    Starting Salary: 15.42/hr

    Application Deadline: Dec 3, 2020