• Accountant II

    Posted: 11/11/2020

    Employees in positions allocated to this level of the series are experienced accountants who apply accounting principles and practices to a variety of responsible accounting, budgeting, cost accounting, and/or other fiscal functions. They work under general supervision.

    An Accountant II typically -

    1. Prepares annual financial schedules for state appropriated funds and local resources (Statement of Net Assets; Statement of Revenues, Expenses, and Changes in Net Assets; Statement of Cash Flows).
    2. Prepares and reconciles complex accounting reports or supervises the preparation and reconciliation of complex accounting reports.
    3. Examines a variety of accounting documents to verify conformance to pertinent policies, procedures, and accounting standards.
    4. Prepares reports and statements requiring interpretation and analysis of accounting records.
    5. Prepares budgets.
    6. Maintains and monitors contractual billing and payment recording.
    7. Collaborates with unit fiscal officers, deans, directors, and other responsible administrators in development, evaluation, implementation, and operation of automated or manual accounting systems.
    8. Assembles, organizes, prepares, analyzes, and reports administrative data.
    9. Supervises lower level staff as required.
    10. Performs work related to the lower level in this series.
    11. Performs other related duties as assigned.
    Required Qualifications:

    1. Any one or any combination of the following, totaling three (3) years (36 months), from the categories below:

    • Work experience and/or on the job training in Accounting or a closely related field
    • College course work and/or training in Accounting or a closely related field including 12 semester hours in accounting
      • Associate Degree (60 semester hours) equals 18 months
      • 90-semester hours equals two (2) years (24 months)
      • Bachelor's Degree or higher (120 semester hours) equals three (3) years (36 months)

    2. A total of two (2) years (24 months) of experience in professional level accounting work consistent with the next lower level of this series.

    An advanced degree in accountancy or registration as a Certified Public Accountant may be substituted for one year of professional experience.

    Starting Salary: $3,052.00/Month
    Application Deadline: Nov 25, 2020