• Office Assistant/ Office Support Full-time Position

    Seventh Son Termite & Pest Management, Inc.
    Job Description
    Job Title: Office Assistant/Office Secretary
    1. Reports to Owners of Company(s)
    2. Executes work under direction or established procedures
    3. Works independently when setting priorities and personal work schedule
    Essential Duties:
    1. Filing in an organized manner
    2. Handling and documenting reports and deposits daily
    3. Enter data and information into computer systems daily
    4. Maintain open communication between office and yourself
    5. Supervises Technicians paper work
    6. Maintain good hygiene and work place dress attire
    7. Observe multiple accounts and make notes about accounts
    8. Be comfortable speaking and explaining to customers about account(s) and balances
    9. Ask questions to know details when speaking with customers, and ask questions to know how to do something within the office to ensure productivity and knowledge
    10. Have positive customer service by thanking customers and maintaining proper communication etiquette
    11. Able to multi-task
    12. Task oriented/focused
    13. Follow all protocols, directions and secure customer information
    14. Answer phone’s, write phone memo’s, communicate answers to customer questions
    15. Handle other duties as assigned
    Occasional Work Performed:
    1. Write contracts for multiple types of businesses
    2. Pick up office supplies
    3. Maintaining clean work station(s)
    4. Handle other duties as assigned
    1. Minimum 1 year of college experience
    2. Resume
    3. 3 References
    4. Cover Letter (optional)
    5. Ability to work independently and as a team
    6. Be able to work occasional weekends
    7. A valid Drivers License for the state of Illinois
    8. Must speak English Fluently (Preferred multiple languages)
    9. Comfortable to Advance level in Microsoft Excel and Word
    10. Fluent in using Windows
    11. Comfortable to Advance level with computer usage
    Contact Information