This committee focuses on engaging and developing the leadership potential of career-minded young professionals in preparation to challenge and lead the business community. Committee does not meet on a monthly basis; however, several lunch and learn opportunities will be available for committee members to attend throughout the year.
    Nick Curtis
    Derek King
    Liz Knowles
    Patrick Kolata
    Erin Orwig
    Chris Pumo
    Ashley Riggins
    Ryan Riggins
    Megan Winters
    Britany Knowles
    Caryn Royer
    Dustin Vansloten
    Jade Powers
    Kerri Allen
    Kate Cobb
    Katy Johnson
    Kelley Kenady
    LaDawn Thomas
    Leann Meckler
    Michelle Howe
    Shelley Runyan
    Tiffini Long
    Kim Scalf
    Alex Geisler
    Kristin Terry
    Jami Hocker
    Megan Crook
    Casey Grant
    Sarah Grant
    Sara Lytle
    Joel Newman
    Ben Pratt
    Alisa Reimolds
    Brentney Hickenbottom
    Jay Vonholten
    Brae Huston
    Desiree Dye
    Megan Thompson
    Rachel Lenz
    Shay Holland
    Abram Olson
    Amber Patrick
    Carrie Van Vleet
    Sarah Looman
    Sheleese Garza
    Tina Mahoney
    Alexa Shaw
    Joseph Roselieb
    Brittany Weishaar
    Michael Eddy
    Ketra Russell
    Caitlin Brown
    Elisha Szyjka
    Michelle Langhout
    Ryan Van Dolah
    Lauren Barrett
    Brandon DeWeese
    Erica Smith
    Mike Eckardt
    Drew Donahoo
    Justin Schuch
    Stacy Foxall
    Cheyenne Crouch
    Lauren Merritt
    Jake Olsen
    Blake Lowderman
    Diane Cassimire
    Laci Todd
    Candace Drummond
    Ashley Bozman
    Jennifer Powelson
    Emily Horrell
    Ben Thompson
    Grace Ibirogba
    Diana Blue
    Adam Smutzer
    Rick Foster
    Chase DeWitt
    Markus Anthony
    Jill Van Dolah
    Courtni Runser
    Sarah Wallick
    Jackie Spence