Members monitor the business community for concerns with zoning and regulation compliance. Members also identify legislative issues of general concern and recommend positions.
    Becky Paulsen
    Western Illinois University - College of Business and Tech.
    Premier Specialty Advertising
    Bill Carle
    McDonough County Board of Directors
    Carla Teslicka
    YMCA of McDonough County
    Curt Oldfield
    Spoon River College
    Dave Maguire
    Spoon River College
    Dennis Danowski
    Macomb Public Library
    Library Director
    Macomb Public Library is a 1903 Carnegie building 2 blocks south of the Macomb Square. The library seves the City of Macomb with a population 21,516. The library and the Western Illinois Museum share the block and has been labeled the cultural block.
    Dennis Moon
    Princess Shoppe
    Jack Thomas
    Western Illinois University
    Mark Twomey
    Macomb School District Unit #185
    Eric Moe
    IMEG Corporation
    Professional Engineer
    James Laprad
    Macomb School District Unit #185 (Non Member)
    Jami Hocker
    Midwest Express & Hay Grinding
    Jan Armstrong
    Macomb Area Convention & Visitors Bureau
    Jeanette Malafa
    Western Illinois University
    Jil Tracy
    Senator Jil Tracy 47th District
    John Armstrong
    First Bankers Trust Company
    Vice President & Branch Manager
    John Meixner
    Regional Office of Education #26
    Regional Superintendent of Schools
    Joseph Crowe
    Kaskaskia Engineering Group, LLC
    Executive Vice President
    Kassie Courson
    Wesley Village
    Kim Pierce
    Macomb Area Economic Development Corporation (MAEDCO)
    Executive Director
    Kristin Terry
    Macomb, City of
    Lisa Mooney
    Macomb School District Unit #185
    Lori Miller
    Associate Director
    Lynette Cale
    McDonough County Health Department
    Mike Inman
    Macomb, City of
    Melanie Falk
    Macomb City Clerk
    Bill Butcher
    Apollo Coin Laundry
    Patrick Stout
    Western Illinois University - Broadcasting Performance
    Ray Bunch
    Citizens Bank, A Division of Morton Community Bank
    Richard Barnett
    University Baptist Church
    Senior Pastor
    Rich joined UBC in February of 2014. Rich is a graduate of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky and holds a Diploma of Divinity in Church Ministries. He and his wife Amy have been married for over twenty years and they have been blessed with one child, Isaiah, who is a student at Hannibal-LaGrange University.
    Rich Egger
    Tri States Public Radio
    Robin Severs
    Hammond, Norine
    Ryan Riggins
    MidAmerica National Bank
    Assistant Vice President-Lending
    Sharon Faust
    Tri States Public Radio
    Shay Holland
    Thompson William
    Thompson, William A.
    Bill Jacobs
    Housing Authority of McDonough County
    Executive Director
    Beau Ingledue
    Purdum Gray Ingledue Beck, Inc.
    Scott Coker
    Macomb, City of
    Public Works Director
    Shaun Pritchard
    Western Illinois Regional Council
    Tom Conklin
    State Farm Insurance - Tom Conklin
    L. Scott Schwerer
    McDonough County Board of Directors
    Lorraine Epperson
    Century 21 Purdum-Epperson - Lorraine Epperson
    Adrian MacGregor
    McDonough District Hospital
    Jerry Brookhart
    Purdum Gray Ingledue Beck, Inc.
    William Polley
    Western Illinois University - College of Business and Tech.
    Associate Dean
    Lynne Campbell
    Community News Brief
    Lauren Merritt
    Macomb Area Chamber of Commerce
    Executive Director
    Lauren Merritt
    Jake Olsen
    McAlister's Deli
    Karla Dimmitt
    Liberty Tax Service
    Office Supervisor